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High Performance Driver's Education - Novice & What to expect

What you should expect and how you should prepare for your first time out....

You should arrive at the track early so that our tech inspectors can get a look at your car before the registration desk opens. Once you’ve cleared tech inspection find a place to park. Make sure you leave enough space between cars so that both cars can open their doors. Empty your car, remove floor mats, and fix numbers (if required). Make sure you take everything out of your car that is not absolutely necessary. This includes floor mats, the spare change in your ash tray and anything loose that might roll around inside while on the track. The last thing you need is something rolling under your pedals at the wrong time.

Next, it’s time for registration. The Registrar will check your driver’s license, assign you to your run group and provide you with your coloured wrist band. Put the band on your left wrist. At the registration desk you will sign the track waiver and the PCA waiver (if not already submitted electronically).

Once you’ve gotten your belongings and your car sorted out you can make your way to the event tent or track clubhouse for the drivers’ meeting where you will get more information on what you will be doing for the rest of the day. 

If at any time you have a question or comment please find one of the members of the CWR DE Committee. They are Scott Newbury, Mason Yu, and Steve Wu. Ask around, someone will know where we are.

Above all, the day is meant to be fun! Try to relax, listen to what your instructor is telling you, drink LOTS of water, and enjoy the day with your car and a bunch of other enthusiasts.

More tips for the day can be found on the PCA National website here: PCA Drivers Education