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PCA-CWR 2019 Tour Rules and Conduct – MAIN POINTS


Read and be familiar with full event rules.  You will be required to acknowledge your acceptance of the rules prior to each event.  IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NOT AN EXCUSE.


  1. SAFETY FIRST, use common sense & have fun.We want everyone to have fun while sharing the experience and passion we all have for our cars.Please, always be mindful of the safety of others while we share PUBLIC roads and facilities.We are subject to and must follow the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act.
  2. Attending the Driver's meeting is COMPULSORY (drivers and passengers must attend)!Please arrive at the event at least 30 minutes prior to the start.Arrive prepared with a full tank of gas.A drivers’ meeting immediately precedes the planned tour departure.Tour route, rest points, group divisions, GPS & Contact information, driver advisories and other matters of importance will be discussed. PCA-CWR Tour Rules and conduct policies will also be reviewed.Failure to attend will result in removal from the event.
  3. Drive at a safe speed. THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR RACETRACK.  It is a PCA policy to obey all laws, but there is no substitute for common sense and good judgment – nothing ruins a fun day like an incident.Test your car and your abilities, at an appropriate venue. PCA-CWR offers several track events throughout the year where you can test limits safely.
  4. Keep the car behind you in sight. This is especially important when clearing an intersection or making a turn onto a new road. If you see the car behind you lagging, slow for them while keeping the car in front of you in sight as well allowing the group to stay together.
  5. Keep your position.  Be familiar with the car in front and behind you (work out your position by introducing yourself to drivers directly in front and behind you before starting the tour).
  6. Keep the group together. Maintain a safe following distance but do your best to keep up with the group.  DO NOT LAG! Lagging makes it difficult and confusing for other drivers.If your driving style or vehicle makes it challenging to keep up, please talk to the tour director and ask to be moved to a different group.We want to accommodate everyone so we can all have fun.
  7. Please stay with the group that you were assigned to at the start of the drive.If you want to change groups, you may do so by coordinating with the tour director group leads at the next rest stop.
  8. Do not depart the group along the route unless other cars/drivers are made aware that you will do so.Other tour members may be tempted to follow you, taking them away from the group tour.If you must depart at some point along the way, make the tour/group leader aware and take a position at the back of the group.
  9. Do not drive faster than your comfort level.Tours Directors and Group Leaders are mindful of all participants.Drive at a pace you’re comfortable and the group will adjust.
  10. No passing a Porsche… PERIOD! This is key to maintaining a safe, fun event.  Our goal is for a fun event with no incidents.There is no shame in following or being a slower car.The purpose of these events is to make new friends and have fun, so please appreciate other fellow drivers making an effort to participate safely and respectfully.If you want to change your position within your group, you may do so at the next stop by notifying the group leader and making the group (especially your immediate neighbours) aware of the change.Frequently, non-Porsche cars may become mixed with your group. When you pass non-event drivers, be courteous, and remember that we are ambassadors of the Porsche Club of America, Canada West Region and all of its members.
  11. Use the next rest point to catch up.In larger groups, we may get split up.  Don't panic.Follow the route and stop at the next rest point where we will wait for you.There is no need to drive aggressively to catch up.
  12. If something happens, stop and call the Tour Leader. If you have an incident or break down or if you see one, stop to help and call the tour director immediately.


  • PLEASE SHOW UP ON TIME, FUELED, AND READY TO GO! No later than 30 min prior to driver’s meeting/departure of first group!
  • REQUIRED! ALL PARTICIPANTS must attend the driver’s meeting, not just the driver! Failure to sign event waiver, acknowledgement of tour conduct rules, or attend drivers meeting will result in disqualification.
  • Register/RSVP for the tour by the deadline.Do not wait until after the deadline and ask to join!!!If a wait list exists, you will be notified.There are no exceptions!
  • If you bring minor children (under age 18), make sure to list them on the registration.
  • Arrive with a full tank of fuel, and ready to complete the route.It is discourteous to the group and group leader to disrupt the tour because you don’t have sufficient fuel.
  • Listen attentively during the safety meeting AND your individual group briefing.The Tour Director / Group Leader has full authority to remove you from the tour at ANY POINT.
  • Know your group number and position before arriving at the tour departure start point.
  • Make sure you get tour information and directions after signing the waiver of liability form.Rest stops will be discussed during the drivers' meeting.
  • Keep up with the group.DO NOT lag behind the car in front of you, but do not drive faster than your comfort level.If you feel uncomfortable with the pace of your group, drop back to the end of the group at the first rest stop and/or ask to be moved to another group.Other than the lead and sweep (last) car, drivers should always be able to see the car in front of and behind them.Cars that leave excessive space between them invite non-tour vehicles to be interspersed within the group.
  • DO NOT “TAILGATE” the car in front of you, especially on windy roads.It is an unsafe practice and leaves little room for reaction time if the car in front must slow or make a sudden stop (We are sharing public roads).Ask to change groups at a rest stop if you feel your driving style, experience/comfort level or vehicle does not match the group you are with.
  • Report unsafe conduct, any concerns or issues to the tour/group leader immediately.Do not take matters into your own hands unless you witness an emergency which requires safety/life preserving attention.
  • Don’t drive in a manner that disrupts/offends the local community.We are guests in someone else's neighbourhood.PCA-CWR strives to promote the fun use of our vehicles, but we also want to support and contribute to our community.When you are in larger tours, by the time the 4th group in a tour passes… they locals are likely watching and may have become irritated by the magnificent sound of Porsche (shudder the thought).Always be respectful!!Waive!! Smile!!!Remember, you’re a community member and a club ambassador.News and social media won’t hesitate reporting poor behaviour and insulting gestures!
  • Make note if any local resident along the route seems irritated (about anything) as you pass by.Note time and location.Notify the tour group leader at the next rest stop.THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT as locals have been known to contact local media and the police if they think they observed unsafe driving practices by tour groups.The Tour Director / Group Leader will determine next steps if any.