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PCA-CWR Autocross rules

To ensure the safety and security of all participants

Autocross Rules


These rules are intended to provide a framework for the autocross program that promotes good sportsmanship, fair competition and the efficient and orderly operation of the events. It is impossible to anticipate all situations that may arise, and in recognition of that fact, it is within the rights of the event and/or program chairperson(s) to add to, modify or waive these rules as they see fit.


If you do not conform to the written and verbal rules of this event, you will not be permitted to drive on the course and will be asked to leave the event. Additionally, you will forfeit your registration fee - no exceptions.


Safe Behavior:

The safety of all our participants is our foremost concern. Canada West Region, Porsche Club of America wants all participants to have a safe, rewarding, and enjoyable event. All participants are expected to behave in a safe manner while at the event, including when fulfilling their work assignments.  Erratic, unsafe, reckless or at-fault driving incidents within the event area will not be tolerated, and will serve as grounds for immediate dismissal from the event, plus registration fee forfeiture, at the sole discretion of the Event Chairman.

Therefore, we insist that all rules be followed to ensure a safe, pleasant, uninterrupted experience for all participants.


Good Neighbors: It is difficult for any autocross events to secure and keep event venues.  Our usage of the various sites is contingent on maintaining good relationships with the local residents and communities, including law enforcement. All participants are expected to obey traffic laws on local roads leading to the sites as well as avoiding disruptive behavior. Additional site-specific rules will be implemented as required.  This may include restrictions on the use of sport exhaust (or equivalent) and/or launch control systems to reduce noise (this is a site-specific restriction; participants will be advised during the drivers meeting).


NO DRONES: The use of drones IS NOT PERMITTED at our autocross events.  If you violate this rule, you will not be permitted to drive on the course and will be asked to leave the event - no exceptions.



A registered entrant is defined as a person who will be participating in any aspect of the event (driver’s meeting, corner working, etc.). This does not mean, however, a registered entrant must attend the event full time, or participate in sessions or exercises that are not scheduled for such entrant. Registering people for the sole purpose of fun rides is not permitted without express permission from the Event Chairman.


Driver’s License: All entrants must have a valid driver's license, verified either during on-line registration or when the driver checks in.


Entrant Age: The minimum age for any driving entrant is 18 years.


Clothing (Helmet, Shoes, etc.): All vehicle occupants while on course must wear an approved helmet. Helmets built to Snell Foundation standards or other standards such as FIA 8860, SFI 31.1 and BS6658- 85 Type A-FR are approved for use. Approved helmets must be manufactured to the current rating or the two most recent SA, M or K Snell ratings. For example, if the current Snell SA standard is SA2020, helmets meeting SA2020, SA2015 and SA2010 are allowed. Also, any helmet approved for PCA Club Racing is permitted. Footwear must be non-slip and NOT be open-toe or have heavy-duty soles such as those found on hiking shoes or work boots.


Eye Protection: If the car does not have a windshield, the occupants must wear eye protection specifically meant to protect eyes from flying objects (shatterproof eye protection).


Car Occupancy: Only registered entrants are allowed in vehicles on course while the course is hot and no more than two people can be in the car at one time. If two people are in a car, one must be a designated autocross instructor. The driver must have sole control of the car – no blindfolded driving or any physical control input by a passenger. Drivers and passengers must be belted in the car with helmets on and chin straps fastened while on course.


NO ALCOHOL OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES (including any form of marijuana) CAN BE CONSUMED BY ANY PERSON AT THE SITE OF THE EVENT DURING THE HOURS OF EVENT OPERATION. This is not intended to prevent participants from taking medication prescribed by a physician as long as it does not have a detrimental effect on a person’s ability to control a vehicle at speed in the sole opinion of the event Safety Chair. If you violate this rule, you will not be permitted to drive on the course and will be asked to leave the event. Additionally, you will forfeit your registration fee - no exceptions.





Eligible Vehicles: All Porsche vehicles and other manufacturer automobiles are eligible at the discretion of the Event Chair.  If the event is opened to other makes, this will be clearly posted.  Karts and motorcycles are not allowed to participate; karts must not be operated within the boundary of the event as per PCA National Policy.


For non-Porsches, acceptance of the car will be at the discretion of the Event Chair and the Safety Chair.


Vehicle Safety (Tech.) Inspection: It is the sole responsibility of each competitor or participant to present a vehicle that is safe to operate in an autocross event and is in sound mechanical condition. Safety inspection by PCA Region volunteers does not relieve a competitor of their responsibility for the safety of the vehicle they entered. All vehicles must be inspected by designated safety inspectors on the day of the event before being allowed on course. “Annual” safety inspection is not a substitute.


This safety, or tech. inspection shall, at minimum, confirm:

  • helmet meets the rating requirements;
  • driver’s footwear is appropriate;
  • fuel cap is present and secure;
  • restraint system (seat belts) is operational;
  • seats are properly attached and functional;
  • wheels are properly secured;
  • tire and wheel integrity checked;
  • throttle operates properly;
  • brake pedal is firm;
  • brake rotors not cracked to the edges;
  • brake fluid level correct;
  • ono significant fluid leaks;
  • battery is secure;
  • all loose objects are removed;
  • cameras are properly attached;
  • any other items deemed necessary by safety inspector.

A vehicle that has passed vehicle safety inspection must be identified with a label or some other marking, so it is easily identifiable as having passed the safety inspection.


Re-inspection: If a car leaves the course surface or hits an obstruction, it must be re-inspected.


Pre-Event Technical Inspection: A complete technical inspection should be completed by a qualified Porsche service center or qualified independent service facility on an annual basis and is really part of normal maintenance. This inspection is your responsibility and it is for your safety as well as the safety of other participants, course workers and volunteers!  The Porsche Club of America requirements for this inspection are available here:


Autocross Rules & Inspections

Testing or Repair: While within the event area, cars are not allowed to be running while any part of the car is off the ground (on a jack or jack stands).


Roll Bars: Roll bars are required in Modified cars (as defined in the PCA Parade Competition Rules) that do not have open-car factory rollover protection.


Seat Belts: All vehicles must have either factory seat belts and/or multi-point harnesses and be in use by all occupants. If the participant chooses to install a five- or six-point harness, several changes to the automobile may need to be made to create a safe occupant restraint system. Must be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions. All belts must be in good condition and not overly worn, frayed, or stiff.


Pressure Gas Cylinders: High pressure gas and air bottles (over 400 psi tanks) must have protection for the regulator. Oxygen bottles required for medical reasons by an entrant while they are driving are allowed but must be properly attached to the vehicle.

Equal Restraints: Both student and instructor shall have the same restraint system. All vehicles must be equipped with a properly installed lap and shoulder restraint system.

Windows: For safety purposes in the event of an accident in which driver or passenger access is required by a Course Worker, all cars are to be driven with the driver and passenger side windows down. Drive with sunroof closed. Always drive with you and your passenger's hands and arms inside the car, except to signal from the track your intention to enter pit lane.


Drivers Meeting: All participants must attend the drivers meeting held at the start of each event.


Work Assignment: Every participant must complete the work assignment given to him or her at registration.


Number of Runs, Reruns: The number of runs for each participant cannot be determined accurately in advance.  The object is to provide each participant with the opportunity to have as many runs as feasible for the event.  An automobile must be re-staged between runs and a minimum of 5 minutes must separate each of the automobiles runs. Re-run(s) will be given to any driver that has one or more of their runs interrupted for reasons that are not the fault of that driver. Re-runs for timed runs will be made at the end of that driver’s run group or as otherwise directed by the organizers.


Penalties: All cone/gate penalties for each run/re-run will be recorded for events where run times are recorded.  Each displaced or knocked down non-pointer cone will incur a 2 second penalty. Each missed gate will incur a DNF. If the driver observes a cone(s) displaced by someone else, they should stop immediately, indicate the problem to a corner worker, and then proceed at a reduced speed to grid. If the corner worker verifies that another person displaced the cone, the driver will be granted a re-run. If the cone was not displaced, then the run will count as one of the driver’s four timed runs. The assignment of penalties for violation of the rules is also entirely at the discretion of the event chairperson.


Scoring: The official time for each run will be the time measured by the timing equipment plus any penalties incurred. A competitor’s score for the event will be their lowest official time from their timed runs.


Instructors: Passengers are not allowed. PCA/CWR autocross instructors, when available, may either ride with a student, or take students on the instructor’s runs. Instruction runs may take place before, during or after the run group the instructor and/or student are driving in, and count as one of the driver’s four timed runs.


Run Groups: Run groups will be assigned by the organizers where appropriate. 


Multiple Driver Cars: No more than two drivers may share the same car in the same run group. 


Autocross Defined:


If you are unfamiliar with Autocross, the PCA National provides a good description on its website, which can be found at:


PCA Autocross Defined